Animal Research Center advises and participates, plans and organizes experimental animal researches.
- provides effective use of scientific and educational infrastructure with the necessary hardware and software and professional human resources.
- creates conditions to carry out the ...

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ARC practice

The LSMU Animal Research Center is involved in many research activities in Lithuania:

Cardiac electrical stimulation recording and cardiovascular visualization methods for cardiopulmonary surgery
Effect of Allogeneic Cartilage and Bone Complex Transplantation on the Regeneration of ...

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Research alternatives

LUHS Animal research centre

Researchers and scientists are always looking for new methods of research, attempting to use alternative methods to reduce the use of animals in research. In research and training are used:
Human volunteers

But... we cannot reproduce ...

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No suffering for animals

Researchers and veterinarians must work to minimize the suffering of animals in laboratories. This might be by using analgesia or anesthesia to alleviate pain during or after a procedure, or it could be providing enrichment for animals in order to encourage mental stimulation and prevent boredom ...

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Research is the organised and systemic method of answering the questions. Systemic because it is a process which involves small steps in the way that leads to conclusion. Research planned because there is a structure or method used to reach the conclusion. Research is one way successful if we ...

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